• Heil Bluetooth Adapter (HBA)

    Heil Bluetooth Adapter (HBA) After a long process to design a proper wireless system, Heil Sound brings you a pair of simple devices, one connecting into the bottom of any of our 3 pin balanced XLR...

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  • Heil Fin

    Heil Fin

    Heil Sound is pleased to introduce The Fin®, exhibiting a remarkable, natural, clear sound and designed especially for live sound, recording and broadcast applications. The exceptional...

  • Heil Gold Elite

      The new Gold Elite microphone is designed and crafted specifically for amateur radio communications. It contains two distinctly different high performance dynamic elements that are available...

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  • Heil Heritage

      Heil Sound has reintroduced the Heritage, a stylish dynamic microphone with a vintage look that is equally at home in live sound, recording, and broadcast applications. The exceptional...

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  • Heil HM-12 Genesis

      The new HM-12 microphone is designed specifically for amateur radio communications. The high output full range ‘Genesis’ dynamic element is designed to work with just about every...

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  • Heil iCM Black/Gold

    The iCM is a high-performance microphone that was specially designed for owners of iCOM radios. This high-quality condenser element exhibits a broad frequency response (35 Hz to 12 kHz) and high...

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  • Heil PR-10 Package

    Heil PR-10 Package

      Heil PR-10 Package From the amateur radio division of Heil Sound, Ltd., we bring you the PR10 Package. This small but mighty microphone will bring your radio to life with full speech...

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  • Heil PR-20

    Heil PR-20

      The Heil PR 20 represents completely new dynamic microphone technology designed for a wide range of professional applications such as live sound, commercial broadcast, and sophisticated...

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